Meet Martin Trahan


Montreal (Canada) adventurer Martin Trahan is an extraordinary long-distance canoeist. In 2015, accompanied by 5 other paddlers, he completed the crossing of Canada by canoe from Montreal to Inuvik, 7000 km in 175 days. This adventure earned them the prestigious "Canadian Expedition of the Year" award from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Then, in 2016, Martin tackled the Yukon River, from Bennett Lake in British Columbia to the Bering Sea in Alaska. A 3200 km trip that he completed in 70 days. A magnificent odyssey that allowed him to get in touch with the different native communities in one of the most isolated places in the world. His teammate and filmmaker Caroline Côté produced a documentary related to this adventure.

Finally, he accomplished a major achievement: crossing the United States by canoe. This latest 7500 km epic, which ended in November 2018, took 191 days and was named "America Dream Adventure Of The Year" according to Canoe & Kayak Magazine. A long diagonal across the United States from the Pacific Ocean in Astoria, Oregon to the Atlantic Ocean in the Florida Keys.

Finally, in September and October 2022, Martin will cross France by canoe from the border of Switzerland to the Atlantic Ocean near St-Nazaire. It will be a journey full of history of 1500 km spread over a period of about 50 days. The epic journey will begin on the Rhône River and continue on the Ardèche River. One of the main challenges will be a long path of 150 km to reach the river Allier. The adventure will end on the Loire River which will lead him to the ocean.

These long odysseys allowed him to engage in an idyllic relationship with nature while retracing the legendary explorations of many historical travellers as well as those of the First Nations. The canoe became a way of life and a part of his identity. Its odysseys were an expression of its traditions, its identity, its values, but above all an opportunity to contribute to the protection of the natural heritage.


Follow Martin's journey here

Photo credits - Jamie Barnes, Yan Kaczynski

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